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APACT 2020



The Asia Pacific region has the highest number of tobacco consumption globally. With the economic and demographic growth, the region has become a crucial market and prime target for transnational tobacco industries on expanding business. The rigorous marketing efforts of Tobacco Industry have brought concerns to health and development advocates in the region that led the formation of Asia Pacific Association for Control of Tobacco (APACT). In line World Conference on Tobacco or Health, executive member of APACT organized biennial meetings named Asia Pacific Conference on Tobacco or Health (APACT).

The first APACT was held in Taipei, China on June 12th 1989. Since then, APACT has developed and become a regional forum to exchange and share strategies, experiences and research, as well as to gain and strengthen networks in tobacco control among Asia Pacific countries.

APACT bring together the region’s high-level delegates and key stakeholders to co-create holistic solutions, to facilitate partnerships, and to share best practices to the global tobacco control challenge towards ending the tobacco epidemic.