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APACT 2020



- MAT Centennial Auspicious Moment: Past, Present & Future of Tobacco Control in Thailand
- Learning Marketing Strategies of E-cigarette from the Old Time
- Simplified Smoking Cessation: The Only Way to Help Smokers Survived
- Saving Lives in 30 Seconds: Day Dream or Real?
- Learning Tobacco Control from the Evolution of Tobacco Products
- Social Media in Tobacco Control
- Spotting Tobacco Industry Marketing in Asia-Pacific Countries
- Battling Tobacco Use among Patients with NCDs


- Capacity Building for Researches in Tobacco Control
- Tobacco Industry Monitoring: Now & Then
- Pushing Forward to the Legislation
- Tobacco-Free Law & Reinforcement
- How to Work Better with Media
- The Youth Workshop: The Youth, The Industry and the End Game


- John Tung Foundation Symposium: Ending Tobacco Epidemic in Asia-Pacific Country: How do we get start?
- SDG & Tobacco Control
- Tobacco-free School & University: Day-dream or Real-life?
- Smart phones VS e-cigarettes: Which one is better?
- Assembly of Tobacco cessation: Let’s step forward in cessation?
- Designing Campaigns: Let’s think like Tobacco Industries do
- From Bali to Bangkok, Towards Kuala Lampur: What have we got ? (The Benchmark)
- Moving Together “Without Walls”: From Local Alliance Towards Globalization Tobacco-free Society


- How to Integrate Public & Civil Society Sections towards End Game?


ROUTE 1 : Tobacco Cessation & Smoke-Free Hospital (Ramathibodi Hospital)
      Trip : Benjamabophit Temple, Bangkok
ROUTE 2 : Simplified Cessation, Innovation & Network (Srinakharinwirot University Hospital)
      Trip : Khundan Prakanchon Dam, Nakorn Nayok Province
ROUTE 3 : Smoke-Free Workplace & Cessation (Police General Hospital)
      Trip : Erawan Shrine, Bangkok
ROUTE 4 : Tobacco Cessation & Musical Therapy (Bangkok Hospital)
      Trip : Bangkok General Hospital (The biggest private hospital) Tour
ROUTE 5 : Tobacco Cessation in NCD Clinic (Paolo Hospital)
      Trip : Chatuchak Market, Bangkok
ROUTE 6 : Media Creativity in Tobacco Control & Smoke-free hospital (Siriraj Hospital)
      Trip : Siriraj Universiry Hospital (The biggest and oldest hospital in Thailand) Tour